finance director services

The role of the Finance Director

I can provide the critical expertise and guidance of an in-house Finance Director without incurring the expense of creating a full-time position

The role of the Finance Director

The FD's primary responsibility is to manage and develop the finance function so that it can support the ambition and strategic vision of business managers/owners. As your part-time Finance Director, you can expect me to perform a number of different roles.

First and foremost, I will oversee the functional work of your bookkeeper/accounts team and help them manage the cashflow. This will create time for you to concentrate on growing your business safe in the knowledge that all the fundamental accounting processes are in hand and the business won't suddenly run out of money.

By working alongside you to obtain a detailed understanding of your business:

  • systems can be improved and streamlined
  • timely and relevant financial reports can be provided that identify where efficiency gains can be made and if cost savings can be achieved without harming the business
  • under-performing activities can be highlighted and quickly addressed.

I will be a regular presence at your premises each month and available as a finance sounding board. My job is to help find solutions to problems and test new ideas. When required I will be at your side when presenting the business to banks, investors and other stakeholders.

When specialist advice is required, I will bring it your attention. There may be a requirement to seek advice on complex accounting or taxation matters, or on IT based finance or stock management systems, that will help control the substantial overhead costs that can quickly accumulate from these areas.

You can expect me to have the technical ability and communication skills to ensure all the key players in the business understand the financial picture, so that everyone is pulling in the same direction.