finance director services

Take the FD Challenge:

ask yourself if you face any of the following concerns

  • Sales are increasing each year, but profits are falling and I don't feel I have a good handle on which areas of the business to push or pull
  • I cannot wait until I get my year end accounts from my accountant to see how my business is doing
  • The reports run out from my accounting system by my bookkeeper are in an unhelpful format and do not always make sense
  • We are not good at getting our customers to pay on time, and yet my suppliers are always on the phone pestering me for payment
  • I don't understand how my accounts tell me we're making a reasonable profit yet cash is getting tighter
  • I need to raise some funds to expand operations, but I'm not sure how to structure the financial information that needs to be presented to my bank or another lender or investor
  • I've been with the same accountancy firm for many years and have an excellent relationship with them, but I still feel they are too remote from my business to help me with the decisions I need to make each month
  • I need to plan for the year ahead, but I don't have the time and/or skills to prepare a solid budget that can be relied upon to make some key decisions and properly monitor performance
  • I'm spending too much time fire fighting issues connected to cash rather than driving the business

If any of these issues worry you, then it is likely that your business would benefit from the services of a part-time finance director

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